About Smiles Sensory and Family Farm Limited

My name is Paris Howard-Hall and I am the proud new owner of Smiles Sensory and Family Farm.

I joined Smiles as a volunteer in the summer of 2021, and when the opportunity arose to buy the farm and all the lovely animals, I jumped at the chance.

Smiles was initially setup as a sensory farm commissioned specifically for the enrichment and personal development of individuals with learning difficulties and mental health challenges.  However, over the years we have recognised that everyone can reap the benefits of being at one with nature in our lovely tranquil setting.

Our person-centred learning opportunities are carefully and collaboratively planned to ensure the needs of each guest are met and supported.

Smiles Sensory and Family Farm resides on a lovely farm set within the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells.  Our animals are housed over almost 4 acres of land which is maintained by our volunteers.  Our small farm is ever changing and we have lots to offer our visitors.  If you love to just sit back and listen to nature, our farm is the place to be.  Come and melt marshmallows over an open fire, or walk a few of our friendly goats.  If you prefer smaller animals, come and cuddle our rabbits and guinea pigs.  We will tailor your visit around your needs.

Smiles Sensory and Family Farm is run purely by our volunteers, and your visits and donations, along with help from local businesses allows us to offer everyone a unique experience.

We look forward to seeing you soon.