Smiles Sensory and Family Farm Limited

Gill Wing Farm, Groombridge Lane, Eridge, Kent, TN3 9LA

South East WINNER of the “Countryside Alliance Awards – Rural Enterprise” – April 2024

2023 WINNER of the “Give back to the Community” Award –  The Ashdown Radio Community Awards

Recent Reviews (February 2024)

“My son has been attending Smiles Sensory and Family Farm since March 2023 (7mths).

He has autism (PDA profile), adhd, sensory processing disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder and has been in and out of mainstream school due to overwhelm and unmet needs for 2 yrs. When he started attending the farm he had just come out of school permanently, his anxiety and sensory dysregulation were high and his OCD tendencies life limiting however animals are his passion so finding Smiles Sensory Farm was a godsend.

From the first moment I met Paris I could tell she was going to be a person that would be able to connect and build a repour with my son. She is gentle, kind and understanding, child focused and always uses positive language (essential for a child with a demand avoidance profile of autism) and genuinely cares. She has created a wonderful environment from little resources and her commitment to the wellbeing of the animals, visitors, volunteers is awe inspiring. Week on week the improvement and development of the farm can be seen, with a wonderful team of volunteers, donations and agreements from suppliers its heart warming how the farm has grown.

Over the last 7 months, my son’s anxiety and OCD has reduced dramatically. He still struggles to attend many settings and therapeutic interventions, however at the farm his challenges are dampened. This is due to Paris and team building a safe environment for him, emotionally, physically and sensory wise. He attends twice a week for a 2 hr 1:1 session. The sessions are child directed, whilst focusing on the needs of the animals and care that is required to be undertaken. I have seen his confidence growing, his independence returning and his sensory dysregulation lifting. He has developed a strong bond not only with Paris and Cez, but the animals too. The farm is the highlight of his weeks, and he recently requested his birthday celebration to be cake at the farm with family friends. It was perfect. I honestly cannot thank Paris and her team enough.

Smiles sensory and family farm is a gem, with the growing number of children not being able to access mainstream school (and specialist schools being so hard to get – we have finally got a place after 2 years of trying) the farm is a wonderful alterative provision for children who needs to learn in nature


“Such a lovely place. We’ve had a couple of visits and my daughter asks to go back straight away. Staff are autism-friendly and make you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Very highly recommend a visit for everyone. We have stroked and petted the animals and fed them. Will be back again very soon!


(August 2023)

“We had an absolutely wonderful morning with Steve showing us round.  We loved every bit of what you do!  From Guinea Pigs to goats – Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for making this possible!  Such a good way for a mum and teen to bond and get inspired.


“A fabulous afternoon in the summer sunshine visiting this hidden gem. Amazing place run by fabulous people 😍 


“Thank you Paris Howard-Hall for having us as Smiles for Miles Sensory Farming CIC.  We finally made it to meet the animals and to see all the hard work Paris has done.  Poppy is now currently working out which days we can be up there helping.  I think you will be seeing alot more of us!!  A truly relaxing atmosphere and Poppy is in her happy place with animals.


(June 2023)

“Just wanted to say we had such a lovely time at the farm. It is such a magical place and Cez looked after us so well. We loved hearing about the different animals’ backgrounds and personalities. Cez was so calm and attentive to C’s needs, allowing it to be a totally child-led experience. C loved everything especially sitting in the rabbit enclosure stroking the rabbits for as long as she wanted! We will definitely be back and I have recommended the farm to my home ed friends

Best wishes

Lovely sensory farm in Eridge if any families are looking for a lovely day out.  Go along and meet some incredible animals, some that have been rescued and are now providing sensory therapy to people with learning disabilities, and those suffering with mental health.  They also do some home visits with some of the smaller animals.  I am also planning a raffle to help raise some funds for this amazing place, we have some great prizes, but would appreciate some more donations for such a good cause”